Identifying the Most Common Heating System Problems

Throughout our time providing heating and AC repair in Lake Charles, LA, and other nearby communities, we’ve seen almost all possible problems that heating systems can have. And as the temperatures drop and people start turning on their heaters, the calls start rolling in. Every heater is a little different and experiences different issues, but there are a few issues that arise more than any others. Read on to learn about some of the most common heating system problems!

Thermostat Issues

Your heating system runs based on input from your thermostat. Sometimes, that input can wind up being incorrect. Before trying any other troubleshooting tips, check your thermostat settings to make sure nothing has been changed or reset. For instance, if your thermostat isn’t switched to “heat” instead of “AC,” cold air will continue to run through your home. Likewise, if the blower fan is set to auto at a certain temperature, make sure that temperature is where you actually want it to be. 

Performance Problems

Often, heating system problems arise from inside the unit itself. Here are a few possible issues that might be happening inside your gas furnace, heat pump, or other heating unit:

Clogged Filters

Your heating system needs to have its air filter replaced periodically to remove debris, dirt, and dust. A dirty air filter can cause problems later down the line, so never miss out on this important maintenance task.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A cracked heat exchanger or another type of cracked hot surface ignitor element is serious business, especially if your home is heated by natural gas, liquid propane, or heating oil. Cracks in heat exchanger cells can cause dangerous gasses to seep into your home, threatening the health of people and pets. If you suspect this issue might be happening, do not use your system until it has been serviced. Having the cracked exchanger replaced is the only safe solution.

Broken Blower Motor

Your heater’s blower motor is an essential component that allows warm air to — you guessed it — blow through your home. However, if the blower fan becomes broken or the motor bearings fail, you can wind up with a heater that runs weakly or not at all. If your blower motor bites the dust, have your system serviced ASAP by our experts in heating and AC repair in Sulphur, LA.

Dripping or Leaking

If you smell chemicals or ozone near your heating unit, you might have a refrigerant leak on your hands. Breathing in the fumes produced by the leak can be extremely harmful, plus long-term leaks can lead to electrical shortages and other unit problems. Call on a qualified HVAC technician to make sure your evaporator coils are cleaned or replaced as necessary.

Gas or Electric

Is your gas furnace’s pilot light struggling to stay lit? Your gas regulator may have issues, or the gas valve may be loose or damaged. If you rely on electronic ignition for your system, you might run into this same problem as a result of home electrical issues such as a tripped breaker. Whichever power source might be causing this problem, take action right away because gas leaks and electrical problems can be harmful and even fatal.

Drafty Ductwork

Does your space not get any warmer when you turn up the heat? Even the world’s best heating system is only as good as its ductwork. If your unit utilizes ductwork to circulate air throughout your home, cracks, holes, or gaps in this ductwork can make the winter months miserable. Luckily, even though ductwork issues are one of the most common heating problems, they’re also relatively easy to fix. Have an HVAC professional evaluate your ductwork to check for any problems. If they determine that the ductwork is causing the chill, they’ll seal up gaps, correct cracks, and insulate vulnerable sections to keep warm air where it belongs — inside!

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